Opinion: End the cycle of violence within Saginaw Chippewa Tribe

"Anthony Bennett sits in the Bay County Jail, accused of beating and abusing the son of his girlfriend and awaiting formal charges that he killed and disposed of him.

This is by no means intended to defend the indefensible actions Bennett is accused of, but it must be said that he, too, was the victim of the horrific cycle of child abuse and neglect.

If there is any lesson to carry forward in the tragic death of Carnel Chamberlain it is the focus his family has put forth, the message that their precious 4-year-old shall be remembered through efforts to make sure no other child ever meets the fate he did.

We as a community should also take his tragedy to heart and redouble our efforts to pay attention, to get involved, to be alert and never be afraid to report. "

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Rick Mills: Break the cycle for Carnel (The Mount Pleasant Morning Sun 7/8)

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