Jay Tavare: Elbys Onea Naiche Hugar was the last of her breed

"In American history, there have been many icons that we know about, but also a few most of us have never heard of who have had an impact on so many people in their journeys through life. Elbys Onea Naiche Hugar was one such soul. She was a true American icon who passed away at age 82 at midday on June 13 in Mescalero, New Mexico. She was surrounded by her family who are the direct descendants of the legendary Chief of the Chiricahua, Cochise.

Cochise was the closest thing the Apache had to a King. He united many of the Apache bands and leaders and was considered a great commander and peacemaker among his people. Elbys was the great-granddaughter of Cochise. Her grandfather was Chief Naiche, one of Cochise's two sons. Naiche was the last leader of the only free band of Indians left in America in the 1880s, alongside Geronimo. Naiche was held as a prisoner of war for almost 28 years, along with other Chiricahua Apaches. His son Christian Naiche Jr., who was Elby Hugar's father, was born a prisoner of war."

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Jay Tavare: The Last of Her Breed -- Elbys Onea Naiche Hugar (The Huffington Post 7/16)

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