Turtle Talk Poll: 9th, 10th and Federal Circuits deemed friendly

"27 percent thought the Ninth Circuit was one of the top 3. Everyone thinks the Ninth Circuit is liberal, but there are several dozen judges, and some of them are downright cranky when it comes to tribal (or environmental) claims. I’d say it’s a crapshoot, and depends heavily on the judges one draws.

24 percent thought the Tenth Circuit was one of the top 3. I’d pick the Tenth Circuit, too, but there’s a very mixed record here. I am persuaded by anecdotal evidence over the years that this court takes Indian law seriously, and that’s all we should ask for.

12.5 percent thought the Federal Circuit was one of the top 3. I’d pick the Federal Circuit for their fairly good record on trust cases, maybe even too good. They have been reversed numerous times by the Supreme Court in the last decade."

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Ninth, Tenth, and Federal Circuits Labeled Best in Super-Scientific TT Pol (Turtle Talk 7/31)

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