Bizarre: Blame US debt on attorney fees for Indian trust cases

"Several years ago (1996) a representative of the Blackfeet Indian Tribe of Montana hired attorneys to initiate a lawsuit against the federal government for usurping Indian lands, for profit, without just compensation.

The initial agreement between government vs. Indian Affairs attorneys’ fee was $99.9 million dollars. While Congress debated the issue, in their usual lengthy, indecisive style, the native’s attorneys decided that their efforts and skills were worth much more money than the original contract; so eventually Congress appropriated $1.5 billion for the entire project including schools, roads, business loans, medical facilities and, yes, even a gambling establishment which many view as a negative, even for deserving, forgotten Americans. The attorneys representing the natives settled with “Uncle Sugar” for an estimated $273 million."

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Lon Griffin: Blame debt on attorney fees (The Logan Herald Journal 8/8)

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