Leonard Masten: Hoopa Valley Tribe continues to ask for water

"Sunday's letter from the Klamath Water Users Association (”Tribe's opinion should get facts,” Times-Standard, Aug. 5, Page A4) questioned the Hoopa Valley Tribe's opinion piece in a very personal way, yet only rhetoric was offered to support their claims.

The Hoopa Valley Tribe supports Klamath dam removal and we respect those looking for solutions to water issues. We worked to make sure the settlement process was guided by science, established guaranteed flows for fish, and protected Tribal water rights. We did not sign the Klamath settlement due to this commitment.

Our original op-ed detailed the Trinity Restoration process, which returned 48 percent of historic flows to the river and funded restoration. This process included a 15-year flow study and balanced salmon, farms, and tribal rights."

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Leonard Masten: Hoopa checked facts, fights for salmon (The Eureka Times-Standard 8/10)

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