Opinion: Looking back at impacts of the Dakota War of 1862

"I read the entire series of articles the Star Tribune recently published on the Dakota uprising, and was surprised to learn that the federal law that bans Dakota from Minnesota is still in the books. That is pathetic.

Also, the recent ceremony officially welcoming the Dakota back into the state took place not far west of me, but I did not hear anything about it until reading the paper last Saturday.

I do hope we can honor, recognize and aid Native Americans consistently and practically, not just with words but with deeds. And I hope we do not simply parade issues out on anniversary dates to ease our guilt over failures, past and present.

These articles had a sharp editorial slant. That concerns me, because we are talking about real people here. This is not a work of fiction. The Star Tribune has a responsibility to be careful with all it wishes to judge, and to be fair and realistic with all parties, not simply to crudely lionize or scapegoat them."

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