KUOW: Washington tribes dispute state on fish consumption

"Jim Peters has been a longtime fisherman. Jim Peters: "My kids, we eat a lot of fish, and shellfish. Let's just say during fishing season where we are consuming a lot more than any, we might eat fish of some sort, shellfish or fish, three times a week."

Peters is a member of the Squaxin Tribal Council. His family owns a shellfish company that's been in the family for three generations. He's says the current fish consumption rate is only a fraction of what his family or his tribe eats on a daily basis. Right now the state says Washingtonians eat 6.5 grams of seafood a day. That's about the size of an oyster.

Peters says that average is way too low. He eats more like 300 grams a day, or more than a dozen oysters worth. Everyone agrees the current rate needs to be increased. The debate is over how much we really are eating."

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