Gyasi Ross: Paying attention to non-Native political systems

"I guess this is Part 1 of a short series on the upcoming elections and politics. These pieces will be kinda short, to-the-point, and not that artsy. The reason why? I hate politics. History shows us that both major political parties, Republicans AND Democrats, are generally filled with douchebags who couldn’ care less about Native people, poor white people, black people, Hispanics, etc. The folks at the top of those parties are generally rich white people who only care about non-rich, non-white people to the extent that those non-rich, non-white people help them get their way. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded and ignores history. Now, thank God that there are exceptions; individual elected officials who are actual human beings and not vampires that suck the blood of the masses. Those exceptions have nothing to do with whether they are Republican or Democrat, by the way. An obvious example of that is our current President, Barrack Obama. While very imperfect and prone to ginormous brain farts, Obama is one of those exceptions who actually tries to help real people; he has been, by far, the best President in history in regards to relations with Indian people and has hired some great real Natives during his four years.

Still, that’s a very low bar. Being the best president for Indian people is like being the most virtuous porn star: good job, but you’re still pretty dang nasty. But we’ll talk about Obama in a few weeks. This piece isn’t about him."

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