Turtle Talk Round Three: Greatest decisions in federal Indian law

"Here is the next series of match-ups (results of the first and second series).

Match-up No. 9
(3) Ex parte Kan-Gi-Shun-Ca (Crow Dog) (109US556) — No federal jurisdiction over Indian-on-Indian crimes arising in Indian country v. (30) United States v. Lara (541US193) — Affirming constitutionality of the “Duro fix”Match-up No. 10

Match-up No. 10
(14) Bryan v. Itasca County (426US373) — Most important $150 tax bill in Indian law history v. (19) United States v. Sioux Nation (448US371) — Feds must compensate Sioux Nation for Black Hills taking

Match-up No. 11
(6) Winters v. United States (207US564) — Recognizing tribal water rights by treaty v. (27) Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians v. Holyfield (490US30) — Giving teeth to Indian Child Welfare Act

Match-up No. 12
(11) McClanahan v. Arizona State Tax Commission (411US164) — No state tax on reservation income v. (22) United States v. Mitchell (1983) (463US206) — Compensable trust breach for Interior sale of timber resources"

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