Brenda Golden: Sacred eagle staff desecrated by local officers

"Brothers and Sisters of Oklahoma and the World,

Please note and take action on the ridiculous treatment of our indigenous people in Oklahoma and the red-neck mentality toward our esteemed guest. A sacred Eagle Staff desecrated and a runner handcuffed by local police near White Eagle!

Yesterday evening our Peace & Dignity Journeys Guests were accosted by the local police in Kay County according to Hector Cerda, the PDJ coordinator.

Cerda said the runners were coming into White Eagle, they were about three miles away. He was in the van picking up runners to take into the host site. This particular runner, a citizen of the Mohawk Nation, had been running by himself on Highway 177. When Cerda came upon the scene there was a police car with their lights on, two officers, a civilian vehicle partially blocking the roadway and the runner, handcuffed in the backseat of the police car."

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Brenda Golden: Peace & Dignity Journeys' Runner Accosted - Sacred Eagle Staff Desecrated (The Examiner 9/6)

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