Nakia Zavalla: Chumash Tribe set for 17th annual powwow

"In our Samala language, the words “kiyushk’al” mean “we are strong.” It’s an apt theme for our annual Chumash pow-wow — which next month will draw in hundreds of dancers and drummers from native nations across the United States and Canada.

The 17th annual Chumash Inter-tribal Pow-wow will provide the opportunity to native people to meet and for the general public to experience this cultural gathering. The pow-wow will be on the weekend of Oct. 6 and 7 at Live Oak Campground.

It’s been a rewarding time for our elders council, cultural and educational departments, and other branches of our tribal government engaged in honoring our heritage and reaching out to the public."

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Nakia Zavalla: Tribe’s next cultural event is pow-wow (The Solvang Valley News 9/13)

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