Larry Spotted Crow Mann: Mitt Romney showing his true colors

"For a man who prides himself on being a great businessman, Mitt Romney now carries the ignoble distinction of CEO of the most disastrous, chaotic and self-imploding campaign in modern history. In a perpetual drunken kabuki dance, Mitt has staggered, flopped and stumbled all through his presidential run for office. And his latest stupor is a demonstrable example. Mitt certainly has demonstrated he is not up for the job and his latest words illuminate a feckless and disparaging perception of America.

His personal disdain for everyday hard working class Americans became crystal clear in an uncensored rant, in a private meeting with some of his millionaire donors. While bobbing for cash, Mitt unleashed a blistering diatribe on the working class, senior citizens, veterans, disabled and essentially anyone who lives off a median income or paycheck to paycheck. Yes Mitt, this is your 47 percent."

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Larry Spotted Crow Mann: Mitt Romney Proves Yet Again Just How Out of Touch He Is (Indian Country Today 9/23)

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