Editorial: Lumbee leaders do damage with claims of extra $18M

"Members of the Lumbee Tribal Council who last week rushed to proclaim the news that housing money had been going unspent since 2007 and an $18 million windfall had piled up that could now be spread around, simply shot themselves in the foot.

That is what happens when you fire first and aim later.

The head cheerleaders were Speaker Pearlean Revels and Councilman McDuffie Cummings, the former town manager of Pembroke. Cummings, who knows more than most about government budgets, on Tuesday tried to clear up the confusion, and his side of the story is in today’s The Robesonian. He makes good points, raises questions that need answering, but his words don’t explain away a public debacle that didn’t have to be."

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Government Accountability Office Report:
Federal Funding for Non-Federally Recognized Tribes GAO-12-348 (April 12, 2012)

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