Sherry Counts: Hualapai Tribe can manage business on its own

"Your conclusions in Saturday's editorial about the Grand Canyon Skywalk dispute were ill-informed and misleading to your readers. The Hualapai Tribal Council and I wanted to share some important facts and address any concerns in the Las Vegas community.

It was recently reported that the American Arbitration Association awarded Las Vegas developer David Jin millions of dollars as part of the ongoing contract dispute over management of the Skywalk. This unenforceable arbitration "award" is just another example of Mr. Jin's army of attorneys attempting to confuse the issues in order to undermine our right to economic self-determination. We were disappointed that the Review-Journal editorial board failed to see through their spin machine, choosing instead to quote a tribal member disparaging his fellow Hualapais - without mentioning that this individual is Mr. Jin's employee and has received thousands of dollars from the developer."

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Sherry J. Counts: Tribe can manage Skywalk without developer (The Las Vegas Review-Journal 10/5)

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Editorial: Skywalk battle (The Las Vegas Review-Journal 9/29)

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