Column: Passing on tradition at Native American Day powwow

"The thundering beat of drums reverberated throughout the Multi-Cultural Center on Monday as a group of children from the city’s middle and elementary schools held colored shawls around their shoulders and danced in circles with their friends, learning how to do different powwow dances, but at the same time learning about Native American culture.

Passing on that culture to the next generation is important not only on Native American Day, but every day, said Jerome Kills Small, a Lakota elder from Wakonda who taught the children powwow dances Monday and sang, while the Iron Wing drum group performed.

“I have so much fun teaching,” he said. “To me, it’s inter-generational, and we always look seven generations ahead of us, to tell them things so they can tell their children, including respect for the earth, respect for water, and we have ceremonies for all of these...it’s traditions. We have a lot of traditions. I want to continue to see myself in them (children).”"

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Beth Wischmeyer: Passing on traditions (The Sioux Falls Argus Leader 10/9)

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