Rep. Boehner: Republicans can do better than President Obama

"In recent months, my role as Speaker of the House has allowed me to travel much of our great nation—including Indian country—and talk to Americans of all walks of life. Wherever I go, conversation quickly turns to jobs and the state of the economy. There’s a clear sense among families and small business that we can be doing better.

I couldn’t agree more. We don’t have to accept painfully high unemployment as the new normal. And we certainly don’t have to live with a president who accuses the American people of going “soft” while refusing to lead on the budget and the approaching fiscal cliff that threatens to destroy hundreds of thousands of additional jobs. We need a real recovery, and a president who understands how our economy works.

The president won’t admit it today, but this election has always been about his handling of jobs and the economy. In 2009, just months after moving into the White House, President Obama acknowledged his presidency would be a “one term proposition” if he didn’t turn the economy around by November of this year.

At the time, President Obama and Democrats had complete control of Washington, D.C., and they embraced policies including a trillion-dollar “stimulus” that ended up shipping jobs overseas to places like China and El Salvador, a costly government takeover of health care, and a “cap and trade” national energy tax that grew the size of government and the debt, but haven’t helped bring about long-term growth. In fact, they’ve actually made things worse."

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