Opinion: Michigan court election will impact tribal communities

"One of the most important ways to ensure all Michiganders understand the importance of tribal communities in our state is by showing up to the polls to vote this November. On November 6, Michigan voters will do more than help select the next President. We will also decide the makeup of our State’s Supreme Court. Although we don’t always realize it, the Michigan Supreme Court affects all of our lives and livelihood. The Michigan Supreme Court regularly makes decisions that directly impact Native American communities, including decisions about the Indian Child Welfare Act, land and water rights, voting rights, and education. It is the last resort for many people seeking justice, and it is charged with upholding our Constitution and our laws.

Yet, each election year an alarming number of Michiganders fail to complete their ballots. In past years, a third of voters left the Michigan Supreme court section completely blank, many of them not even realizing they were skipping it."

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