Editorial: Chickasaw Nation prepares for possible sequestration

"The modern history of the Chickasaw Nation has been one of growing self-reliance, willingness to engage new ideas and trust in our people's skills and abilities to move our tribe forward.

Chickasaws have been rewarded for sticking with a good plan, and making thoughtful adjustments along the way. Walking the path toward true self-sufficiency has taken all of us working together. Our combined effort toward the common goal of serving all Chickasaws fully and well is paying great dividends.

Today, we invest tens of millions of dollars annually in health care, education, housing, economic development and so much more. We can do this because we have achieved important business goals and continue to grow our commercial base.

Prior to our tribe's period of robust economic expansion, we relied almost exclusively on resources provided us by the federal government. Those funds were, and are, provided based on promises made by the United States to the tribes long ago. While important, those resources were not sufficient to support the fundamental programs and services required by Chickasaw people. For years we scraped by on the federal funds, always knowing we would eventually achieve our goals and begin marshaling our own resources."

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Editorial: Possibility of 'sequestration' calls for thoughtful planning (The Chickasaw Times 10/31)

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