Renee Roman Nose: Vote to protect the rights of Indian people

"To all our non-Native friends, this November is Native American Heritage Month and the month when we as a nation celebrate Thanksgiving. It is also the anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre and the month in which we elect a President. I would ask for your discretion this month, as many of my Native friends may be a bit touchy this month. I know I will be.

Many of us find it ironic and stereotypical to be thought of during the “Thanksgiving Month” and largely ignored the rest of the year. It’s as if we’re a favorite relative who only shows up for special occasions. In reality we are everywhere every day of the year. Many of us serve in the military, serving at a higher per capita rate than any other group in America. Many Tribes come from a strong warrior tradition and a firm belief in protecting what is ours. Our culture, our languages, our heritages, our homes, our families, just as our ancestors did during those hundreds of years when strangers were flooding our land and taking our resources. Today we protect all Americans, and we ask that you, in turn, protect us with your vote.

Educate yourself on the reality of American history, realize that all Natives do not look alike, don’t believe anything Donald Trump says about Natives (or anything else for that matter) and consider that the wealth you have is based upon the land and resources given up, stolen, swindled and otherwise largely removed from our care as Native people. We don’t begrudge wealth; it just isn’t (for the most part) something that we strive for."

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Renée Roman Nose: Vote: It’s Your Right and Your Responsibility (Indian Country Today 11/6)

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