Column: Outgoing Seneca Nation president urges focus on jobs

"Robert Odawi Porter ruffled countless feathers as president of the Seneca Nation but he did depart from his two-year term in office with a meaningful message for his people. In his farewell letter, Porter cited many needs including health care for the Senecas, despite the excellent system already in place.

The challenges go far beyond the routine visit to the doctor's office or the annual checkup. Whether they want to admit it, there are deep-rooted issues with obesity and mental illnesses, Porter said, in addition to "rampant substance abuse" problems.

The former tribal president indicated that his administration and those before him should have been doing a better job of preparing their people for the workplace."

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Don Glynn: Porter urges tribe to focus on work ethic (The Niagara Gazette 11/10)

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