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Jay Daniels: Christmas and Cobell -- what about the day after?

"On November 26, 2012, the Secretary of the Interior announced in a press release that the Cobell litigation is final and the department will implement the final steps for the settlement payment.

During the past couple of years, everyone has blamed a host of players as reasons for the delay in making payments to class member parties in accordance with the settlement agreement approved by the court in December 2010.

This is neither here nor there now because payment will be forthcoming and everyone will be happy because they may receive their payment just in time for the holidays. Sad to say folks but expectation usually is more exciting than the gift. Many a child has received presents on Christmas morning and exhibited great joy in unwrapping and playing with their new toys on that exciting day. Mom and Dad are happy and relieved to see the joy in their children’s eyes during that wonderful moment. But there is always the day aftereffect. This occurs when kids see and compare their presents with their relatives' and friends' presents, family and friends have gone home, and all of a sudden kids may feel robbed of their expectation. That pretty red wagon is sitting in the corner with a broken wheel, the doll’s head is broken off, the electronic game isn’t as exciting as they thought, and on and on. A hangover effect roots in and now we need something new to excite us."

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Jay Daniels: Interior Annouces Cobell Settlement Is Final—Enjoy the Moment! (Indian Country Today 11/29)

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