Opinion: Sit down and resolve Arvo Mikkanen nomination flap

"I have consistently railed against Republican senators who hold up President Barack Obama's judicial nominees for no good reason. For example, I haven't shut up about the lingering candidacy of a worthy man named Arvo Mikkanen, whose nomination in Tulsa has been held up, without explanation, by Tom Coburn, one of Oklahoma's Republican senators.

But two wrongs just make a larger wrong -- the major difference between what Menendez did to Shwartz and what Coburn has done to Mikkanen could be the extent of their candor -- and a funny thing happened on the way to Shwartz's failed judicial nomination. Under political pressure, Menendez agreed to meet with her again and, following their meeting, agreed to drop his reservations against the candidate.

Her nomination now moves on to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where it may or may not come up for a hearing, and then perhaps on to the floor of the Senate, where it may or may not be brought up for a vote. Daunting, I know. But at least her nomination isn't dead like Mikkanen's appears to be."

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Andrew Cohen: Time for a Beer Summit Between Coburn And Mikkanen (The Atlantic 1/16)

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