Blog: Anchor speaks out against racism in Redskins name

"The video of “Vance’s View” is above, but I went ahead and did the transcription, below.

“A few days ago, a couple guys at ESPN got in a boatload of trouble when they got too cute with the Jeremy Lin phenomenon. The puns were bad enough, but they used a racial slur to describe one of Lin’s lesser performances for the New York Knicks. A lot of people found that offensive, and probably racist, and they’re probably right.

“What I find curious is how some people I’ve talked to are offended by a derogatory term for Asians, but not by the word ‘Redskin.’ Folks, ‘Redskins’ is not a term of endearment, any more than the N word or any other racial or ethnic slur. From its inception and inclusion in our language, it was meant to be an insult."

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DC Sports Blog: Jim Vance on Jeremy Lin and the ‘Redskins’ (The Washington Post 2/27)

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