Sean Parnell: Offering hope for domestic violence survivors

"When learning of an incident of domestic violence or sexual assault, how often have we asked ourselves, "Why doesn't she just leave?"or "Why didn't she call the police?"

For victims, these choices are anything but easy. They require getting others involved and overcoming fear, embarrassment, self-doubt and shame. It may mean upheaval in families as secret, horrific crimes are brought to light. And sometimes choices and options are limited or nonexistent.

These crimes are not centered in one area of the state or in one demographic. Forty-two percent of Anchorage women have either been attacked or threatened with physical violence by their domestic partners, according to a survey by the University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center.

That translates into 45,000 Anchorage women. And nearly 31,600 Anchorage adult women have been sexually attacked or threatened."

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