Mark Trahant: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in sharp debate

"President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney went back and forth for 90 minutes exposing sharp differences over policy. And style.

Democrats will say the president was at his best and on point. Republicans will say that Romney held his own. After all, Romney made sure he answered every charge. Even when it was not his turn or when the question had long been forgotten.

But then there was Obama’s last minute kablooey. The president used his last words – ones that could not be answered by Romney – to hit Romney hard with a video quote that will be played over and over on television and on YouTube.

“I believe Gov. Romney is a good man,” the president said. He “loves his family, cares about his faith. But I also believe that when he said behind closed doors, that 47 percent of the country considered themselves victims, who refuse personal responsibility — think about who he was talking about. Folks on Social Security who have worked all their lives; veterans who sacrifice for this country; students who are out there trying to hopefully advance their own dreams, but also this country’s dreams; Soldiers who are overseas, fighting for us right now; people who are working hard every day, paying payroll tax, gas taxes, but don’t make enough income.”

Obama basically said these are his people and “I want to fight for them … that’s why I’m asking for your vote and asking for another four years.”"

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Mark Trahant: Elections 2012: On This Night Obama Gets a Kablooey While Romney Remembers a Binder Full of Women (Indian Country Today 10/17)

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