Steve Russell: Partisan blowhards ruin the political landscape

"I’ve watched in amazement as the right wing alternative reality echo chamber ignores questions about the frequency of deadly weather and whether it’s the result of what Winona LaDuke calls “planet baking,” but finds time to eviscerate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) for working too closely with President Barack Obama.

I don’t like Christie. He’s a blowhard and a bully. I might have voted for him anyway, because New Jersey Democrats have been monumentally crooked, but I don’t like him.

However, I know sleep deprivation when I see it, and he came by his exhaustion more honestly than the political zombies shuffling towards him to attack his bipartisan moment. When the political zombies cry “Brains! Brains!” they certainly have diagnosed their own problem."

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Steve Russell: Attack of the Zombie Planet Baking Blowhards (Indian Country Today 11/3)

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