Truthout: Grassroots Idle No More spurs a global movement

"When Jessica Gordon first created a Facebook page titled "Idle No More" to communicate with three other women educators and students in Saskatchewan about Canada’s Bill C-45, she had no idea she had chosen the name of what would become a global movement within two months.

"It just absolutely spread like wildfire as we were contacting people we knew that were passionate about these issues, and they said, "Yes absolutely, we'll have a teach-in; we'll have a rally; we're going to spread consciousness,' " says Idle No More cofounder Sheelah McLean. "It has become something that is so dynamic and so huge that I have a terrible time keeping up."

She, along with the other three women who founded the movement, wanted to use the page to foster a dialogue that would raise awareness about Canada's second omnibus budget bill and why it remains so damaging, not just to Aboriginal peoples, but to all Canadians."

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Idle No More: From Grassroots to Global Movement (Truthout 1/29)

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