Guna Tribe in Panama commemorates February 1925 uprising

Members of the Guna Tribe in Panama re-enacted the February 25, 1925, revolution that led to a recognition of their sovereign rights.

Nele Kantule, a tribal leader, organized an attack on police and soldiers to protest the treatment of his people. The uprising led to the establishment of the Guna territory, which is governed by the Guna General Congress.

“With this we reaffirm before the country and the world that the Guna people want to live in freedom,” communications secretary Anelio Merry Lopez told the Associated Press.

About 80,000 Guna live in Panama, the AP reported. The name of the tribe is sometimes spelled Kuna.

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Panama’s indigenous Guna recreate battle to mark anniversary of revolution to defend culture (AP 2/28)

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