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Nooksack Tribe aims to remove more than 300 from the rolls

The Nooksack Tribe of Washington is planning to remove 306 people from the rolls.

Chairman Bob Kelly notified the 306 on March 6 of the pending disenrollments. A letter offered a 30-day appeal period.

"Those who do not respond will be automatically disenrolled," Kelly's letter states, The Bellingham Herald reported. "They will no longer be qualified for tribal housing, medical facilities, treaty-protected fishing or hunting rights, or any other rights reserved to Nooksack tribal members."

Moreno Peralta is among those who are facing removal. She said the action mainly affects families with mixed Indian and Filipino ancestry.

"It is racism and cultural genocide that we are facing," Peralta said in a press release. She said the 306 can prove their 1/4 Indian blood quantum and Nooksack ancestry.

The 306 filed a lawsuit in tribal court to stop the tribe from moving forward with the disenrollments.

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