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Native Sun News: KILI Radio celebrates three decades on air

The following story was written and reported by Christina Rose, Native Sun News Staff Writer. All content © Native Sun News.

Tom Casey, director at KILI Radio, thanks everyone for being a part of the “Lakota Voices” that make the show what it is.

KILI celebrates 30 years
By Christina Rose
Native Sun News, Staff writer

PINE RIDGE—Tom Casey, director of KILI Radio on the Pine Ridge Reservation, looked back over the last 30 years and said day by day, week by week, month by month, the years have flown by. “All of a sudden you look back and it’s been 30 years,” he mused.

But even as time flew, Casey said he remembers not to take any of it for granted. “There have been times when we struggled to make ends meet. Sometimes we are okay and sometimes we don't have two nickels to rub together. There is a real strength here, though.”

Casey said that broadcasting the weekly events is the basis of the show’s strength. “The voice of the Lakota Nation is so many voices,” he said. “The broadcast we did this week, the Tribal Council meetings, the basketball games, housing, the Lakota funds, loans and the new Credit Union. The radio provides all those voices,” he said.

One thing that Casey noted as an important aspect of the show, “From news to memorials, you have an understanding of what being a lifeline to the community means. It’s been a constant. You don’t want to take any of it for granted, and you always do the best you can. You aren’t always told but you know you are an important part of the community.”

Casey offered his thanks “to all those who help us bring their voices, their drum, their music, even Gospel singing on Sunday, all the different voices. Thank you for helping us be the Lakota Voices.”

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