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Inspector General Reports: Larry Echo Hawk, Jeanette Hanna

The Office of Inspector General at the Interior Department today released its investigation into a decision by former Assistant Secretary Larry Echo Hawk to place the Tejon Tribe of California back on the list of federally recognized tribes.

In January 2012, Echo Hawk said the tribe was left off the list by mistake. But the OIG report said he didn't follow any sort of process in making the decision.

In a separate report, the OIG looked into Jeanette Hanna, who was the former regional director for Eastern Oklahoma. Echo Hawk reassigned her to his office in Washington, D.C., on a detail basis for 775 days -- far longer than the 240 days allowed by federal regulations, the investigation said.

Before he left office in April 2012, Echo Hawk gave Hanna a permanent job in D.C.

Both reports detail the role that Paul Tsosie, Echo Hawk's former chief of staff, played in the decision making process.

DOI Inspector General Reports:
Investigative Report of the Tejon Indian Tribe (April 2013)
Jeanette Hanna (August 2012)

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