Donald Gentry: Klamath Tribes work to settle water disputes

Donald C. Gentry, vice chairman and chairman-elect of the Klamath Tribes of Oregon, on water disputes in the Klamath Basin:
The Klamath Tribes has a track record of seeking potential settlements that could resolve complex issues in a way that protects the Tribes’ interests.

In recent years, negotiation efforts have involved issues like fish and forest management, land ownership, endangered species, water, hydropower, water quality, and ecosystem restoration, to name a few. All of these relate to natural resources, and so are centered in the Tribes’ treaty rights, which are supremely important to our tribal members.

Our Tribal Council believes that much of the nontribal public does not understand our decision-making process in regard to settlements. More than one decision process is possible, but the essential elements of the typical process follow a specific sequence.

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