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Lots of Links: Coverage of Indian Child Welfare Act decision

Media coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl, an Indian Child Welfare Act case, has been significant.

Most of the stories note that the custody dispute over Baby Veronica, whose father is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, will return to the South Carolina courts. But some outlets are reporting with certainty that the girl will be going back to the non-Indian couple that wants to adopt her.

There was also racially-tinged coverage. A UPI headline read "Baby Veronica, 1 percent Cherokee, given to adoptive parents." USA Today also put "1% Cherokee" in its opening paragraph.

Links to some of the coverage:
Supreme Court Reverses, Remands Baby Veronica Case Back to South Carolina (Indian Country Today 6/26)
Supreme Court rules against Oklahoma man in Cherokee adoption case (The Oklahoman 6/26)
A split decision (The Tulsa World 6/26)
Tribal officials say 'Veronica' decision sparks confusion (The Tulsa World 6/26)
Justices Say Law Doesn’t Require Child to Be Returned to Her Indian Father (The New York Times 6/26)
Supreme Court says law doesn’t require custody for Indian father (The Washington Post 6/26)
Supreme Court Backs Couple in 'Baby Veronica' Adoption Case (The Wall Street Journal 6/26)
Court rules for adoptive parents in Baby Veronica case (USA Today 6/26)
Abourezk 'can't believe' Supreme Court's decision on Indian Child Welfare Act (The Sioux Falls Argus Leader 6/26)
Adoptive couple: It was huge for us (AC 360 / CNN 6/26)
US Supreme Court case reignites discussion over welfare of American Indian children (AP 6/26)
High court: Child is not required to go to father (The Muskogee Phoenix 6/26)
Supreme Court rules for couple in ‘Baby Girl’ case (The Cherokee Phoenix 6/26)
Andrew Cohen: What the Court's 'Baby Veronica' Ruling Means for Fathers and Native Americans (The Atlantic 6/25)
Supreme Court Rules For Adoptive Family In Dispute (NPR 6/25)
Supreme Court says Native American child doesn’t have to be given to biological father (AP 6/25)
Supreme Court Thwarts ICWA Intent in Baby Veronica Case (Indian Country Today 6/25)
High Court Sides with Adoptive Parents in 'Baby Veronica' Case (The National Law Journal 6/25)
Baby Veronica: Supreme Court rules for adoptive parents in wrenching case (The Christian Science Monitor 6/25)
Supreme Court rules for couple over baby girl's adoption (NBC News 6/25)
Baby Veronica, 1 percent Cherokee, given to adoptive parents (UPI 6/25)
A win for James Island Couple in baby Veronica case (WBTW 6/25)
Supreme Court Sides With Adoptive Parents In Oklahoma's 'Baby Veronica' Case (News on 6 6/25)
Supreme Court rules to send baby Veronica back to adoptive family (KFOR 6/25)

Supreme Court Decision:
Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl (June 25, 2013)

Oral Argument Transcript:
Adoptive Couple v. Cherokee Nation (April 16, 2013)

South Carolina Supreme Court Decision:
Adoptive Couple v. Cherokee Nation (July 26, 2012)

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