Paul Brooks: Addressing housing disputes within Lumbee Tribe

Chairman Paul Brooks of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina addresses criticism of his actions on housing:
Recently, there has been discussion by the Lumbee Tribal Council regarding my performance as tribal chairman. I would like to address some of the concerns, including the Indian Housing Plan, the purchase of property, and providing financial information requested by the council.

First, let me assure every Lumbee that I am committed to the oath I took when I was elected chairman. Government funds have not been misused, and I have and will continue to work with the legislative body of the Lumbee government.

Several council members have expressed concerns over the submission of the Indian Housing Plan to HUD. The plan is a roadmap for how tribal housing funds will be spent. I have the authority to submit the plan to HUD on behalf of the tribal membership. There is no statutory, federal or tribal law requiring the approval of the plan by Tribal Council; the plan was provided to the council on July 9 for review. There was also a special meeting on July 16 to review and discuss the IHP as a professional courtesy; however, once again, they did not take any action. While the plan is due prior to the adoption of the budget, it may be amended at any time to ensure compliance with the council’s adopted budget.

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