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Nez Perce Tribe attempts to block megaload from reservation

Leaders and members of the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho attempted to block a megaload shipment that passed through the reservation early this morning.

Several leaders, including Chairman Silas Whitman, were taken into custody, The Lewiston Tribune reported. But they were not removed from the protest site, the paper said, so it's unclear whether they will face any charges.

"We are tired of being pushed," Whitman said last night, the Associated Press reported.

About 100 people, mostly tribal members gathered at a site in front of the Clearwater River Casino on the northwestern part of the reservation. That's where the truck entered US Highway 12 around 2:25am, the Tribune reported.

The truck continued along the highway, which passes through the reservation. The shipment will continue through the Clearwater National Forest before entering Montana.

The truck is carrying a 225-foot-long water purification unit. The equipment is headed to the tar sands oil development area in Alberta, Canada.

A second truck is expected.

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