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Editorial: Leaders of Lumbee Tribe need to end shenanigans

Newspaper says leaders of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina are hurting their cause for federal recognition:
The Lumbee Tribal Government long ago lost its entertainment value.

What was once funny, no longer is.

We offer as only the most recent example a decision last week by Speaker Pearlean Revels to simply take the government’s 2,000-page general ledger because, we guess, it was there for the taking. That prompted two stories with large headlines on the front page of The Robesonian — stories that will be read in Washington, D.C., and used by opponents of federal recognition for the tribe as a reason to deny that benefit and the hundreds of millions of dollars that come attached.

Add to that today’s Our View.

Revels is not alone in her transgressions, but she does always manage to put herself in the middle of the messes. Voters will give her an up or down on Nov. 12 when elections are held for seven council seats.

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