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KUOW: Protest against disenrollments within Nooksack Tribe

About a hundred people marched to protest the pending removal of 306 people by the Nooksack Tribe of Washington:
A group gathered in downtown Seattle on Friday to protest the potential disenrollment of hundreds of Nooksack members from their tribe. If it goes forward, it would likely be the largest tribal disenrollment in Washington history.

Toni Jones is one of the 306 Nooksack who would lose tribal membership if disenrollment goes forward. She joined about a hundred others as they marched from Pioneer Square to the tribe’s lawyer’s office building.

“Ever since I was a little tiny girl, I’ve known that I (was) Nooksack, that’s who I am,” Jones said before marching. “That’s who I was raised to be, it’s in my blood.” She said the disenrollment is hard-hitting for her and her relatives. “It’s a deep hurt that is not explainable. It’s somebody trying to strip me away from what I’ve known, what I was born with.”

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