Judge threatens chairman of Miccosukee Tribe with daily fines

A federal judge threatened daily fines against the leader of the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida as part of a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS claims Chairman Colley Billie has failed to turn over documents and answer questions as required by a court order. The documents are reportedly related to the actions of his predecessor, Billy Cypress.

Chairman Billie will sit down with the IRS today or tomorrow,” Judge Kathleen Williams said at a hearing on Monday, The Miami Herald reports. “If it doesn’t happen, there will be a considerable, personal daily fine on the chairman.”

Billie reportedly agreed to turn over the documents but later invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, the paper said.

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Miami judge threatens Miccosukee leader with fines if he fails to turn over tax records to IRS (The Miami Herald 11/5)

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