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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux fighter racks up another win

The following story was written and reported by Brandon Ecoffey, Native Sun News Managing Editor. All content © Native Sun News.

David Michaud moved to 6-0 as a professional this past weekend.

Let the “Bull Dawg” eat: Michaud moves to 6-0
By Brandon Ecoffey
Native Sun News Managing Editor

RAPID CITY—As the competition gets tougher Pine Ridge’s David “Bull Dawg” Michaud gets hungrier.

This past weekend “Bull Dawg” feasted on Fort Collins, CO native Ian Stonehouse to move to 6-0 as a professional.

In his second appearance on a Victory Fighting Championship card the Oglala Sioux fighter found victory in the form of a rear naked choke at the 3 minute mark of the second round. The path to victory however was not as quick or as decisive as many had expected going in to the fight. “He was a tough guy and he has fought some pretty good guys. I didn’t expect it to be easy,” said Michaud.

Stonehouse was a last second replacement for Richard Villa who was originally slated to take on the undefeated Michaud. However less than two weeks out Michaud’s camp was notified that Villa was out and Stonehouse was in. The late surprise did not rattle Michaud however as he prepared to fight at the lowest weight he has competed at since his sophomore year of high school.

Leading up to the fight Michaud told Native Sun News that his plan was to keep the fight standing and work towards a takedown later in the first round, however after an exchange that Michaud got the best of, Stonehouse threw a kick that Michaud caught and then countered with an overhand right to take Stonehouse down.

From the half guard Michaud worked to secure an arm lock known as a Kimura but to his surprise and others watching ringside, Stonehouse swept Michaud on to his back.

“When I am on top I am very heavy and the last thing I expected was to get swept, but he pulled it off and began landing elbows,” said Michaud. While on top Stonehouse rained down heavy elbows that opened a messy cut right on Michaud’s hairline that gushed blood immediately.

“I thought it was bad. I turned my head and the blood was just dripping on to the mat and I knew that I couldn’t just lay there and keep taking elbows so I begin to move.” As the end of the round neared Michaud was able to regain top position by securing a kimura from the bottom that flipped Stonehouse on to his back.

Going in to the second round Michaud seemed to have caught his second wind as he worked for a takedown and got it. Stonehouse pressed forward and presented Michaud with an opportunity to throw him. With double under hooks secured Michaud, took Stonehouse down and found himself in a familiar position, on top.

In the scramble Michaud would take the back of Stonehouse. Once in this dominant position the Pine Ridge born fighter would soften Stonehouse with a mix of punches and hammer fists allowing for him to flatten Stonehouse on to his stomach where he would be forced to submit via rear naked choke.

“This wasn’t my best performance and I felt flat going in to it but I won and that is all that matters,” said Michaud.

The fight that was seen by more than 2,000 fans inside of Rapid City’s Ice Arena witnessed Michaud up his record to 6-0 as a professional and he expects to return to the cage in early January.

“I want to keep moving towards the 155lb weight class in my next fight. I made weight really easy here at 165 lbs. so the next fight should be at 160 lbs.”

According to Michaud he is tentatively planning on spending a few weeks training in Coconut Creek, Florida with the American Top Team camp there and UFC stars Gleison Tibau and others.

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