Editorial: Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation in modern day land grab

"A plan by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation to add 850 acres to its rancheria is not only outrageous but foolishness incarnate.

We urge the Yolo County Supervisors to oppose with all the power available to it the application now before the Bureau of Indian Affairs to take into trust additional county land, that would in effect provide the 63 members of the tribe with the equivalent of 16.6 acres per person for new homes, a community center, school and other projects.

How big are these homes anyway? How big is the community center? How big is the school? Is the tribe expecting to build its own city accessible via a two-lane road? Perhaps the Wintun International Airport is next on the wish list?

All joking aside, the proposal to expand the casino is no laughing matter. We recognize the tribe as being the county's largest private employer. We also recognize that in the past the tribe has done its best to act as good neighbors, promoting environmental awareness, land-use and generally trying to accommodate the demands of operating a major hotel, large gaming establishment, golf course and more."

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Editorial: Wintun tribe is attempting 21st century land grab (The Woodland Daily Democrat 2/8)

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