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Blog: Former chief of Virginia tribe supports Redskins name

A former chief of the Patawomeck Indians of Virginia, a non-federally recognized tribe, supports the Washington Redskins mascot:
I’m ready to never write another word about the Redskins name, but the dang issue just won’t take a break. So, in the same week that 10 members of Congress sent a letter to Daniel Snyder, Roger Goodell, FedEx’s CEO and others, urging a name change, SiriusXM NFL Radio hosted Robert Green, the longtime and recently retired chief of the Fredericksburg-area Patawomeck Tribe, to ask him about the name issue. And he said he’d be offended if the team does change its name.

Now that’s a spicy pickle! Looks like someone will be offended no matter what happens.

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Dan Steinberg / DC Sports Blog: Retired Patawomeck chief says he’d be offended if Redskins change name (The Washington Post 5/29)

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