Simon Moya-Smith: A chat on the train about Indian mascots

Original design included "screaming Indian." Image from UniWatch

Simon Moya-Smith encounters someone on the train in New York City with a "Screaming Savage" hat:
“What are you wearing?” I asked.
“What?” he responded. He surveyed his chest. “This?” He then gripped a thin gold chain on his neck.
“No. Your hat, man,” I said. “What does it mean?”
“Oh, I don’t know. Nothing,” he responded. “It just matched my shoes.”
“Hey, you know,” I shouted over the groan of the zipping train, “… I actually do know what your hat means. I was just wondering if you did.”
“Oh yeah? I thought it was just a [dope] hat.”
“Well it’s actually a batting practice cap that was discontinued. It’s called the ‘Screaming Savage;’ it’s an Atlanta Braves hat.”

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Simon Moya-Smith: An NYC Chat About a Baseball Hat (Indian Country Today 6/19)

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