Opinion: Grand Canyon marred by Hualapai Tribe's Skywalk

Writer on the ongoing drama involving the Hualapai Tribe of Arizona and the Grand Canyon Skywalk:
Several years ago, the Hualapai partnered with Las Vegas developer David Jin to build a horseshoe-shaped, glass overhang that extends 70 feet over the canyon from the rim. Many complained that the Grand Canyon Skywalk would mar the raw beauty of the terrain, but the project became an economic magnet. Two million people a year have visited Skywalk since it opened in 2007.

I’ve always said it’s a rip-off.

It costs $25 per person to walk the Skywalk. That’s on top of a mandatory tour package that starts at $49 a person. Once there, you’re not allowed to bring a camera. Tribal officials say they want to avoid damaging the glass floor, but others suspect it’s a policy to get tourists to buy $20 pictures at a concession shop.

Then there’s the long-running dispute over profits between the tribe and Jin. The short version of the story is they disagreed about the distribution of management fees and ticket sales.

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Richard N. Velotta: Natural beauty marred (VEGAS INC 6/24)

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