Editorial: Even more troubles for Hualapai Tribe's Skywalk

Newspaper wonders whether the Hualapai Tribe of Arizona should have built the Grand Canyon Skywalk:
This past weekend, a neighbor dealt the tribe another blow. Nigel Turner, owner of the 168-square-mile Grand Canyon Ranch, said he was tired of the tourists and the traffic that crossed his land on the way to the Skywalk, and that's why he decided to start charging a $20 toll. For that fee, tourists, primarily those coming from Las Vegas, can enjoy a rodeo show and other ranch activities, but the already hurting tribe says the charge is inappropriate, based on a 2008 settlement that netted Turner $750,000 and gave the tribe an easement across his land.

Once again, the Hualapai and their ambitions seem certain to be headed for court in this dispute. It's hard to say which side has right on its side, but it certainly begs the question of whether the tribe's minority was right in objecting to the building of the attraction in the first place.

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