Billy Frank: Set realistic standards for consumption of seafood

Billy Frank Jr., the chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, discusses water-quality standards in Washington:
Washington is known for its seafood consumption, yet uses an unrealistically low fish-consumption rate to regulate pollution in our waters. The lower the rate, the higher the level of pollutants allowed.

State government admits that the current rate of 6.5 grams of seafood per day — about one 8-ounce serving a month — does not protect most Washington citizens from toxics in our waters that can cause illness or death.

This is especially true for American Indians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, sport fishermen or anyone else who eats fish or shellfish more than once a month. You can get a good idea of your personal fish consumption rate and more information at

Oregon recently increased its fish-consumption rate to 175 grams per day, the most protective rate in the country. We believe citizens of Washington deserve at least that same level of protection.

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Billy Frank Jr.: Fish consumption rate does not reflect reality (The Seattle Times 11/8)

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