Column: Washington team owner clings to 'insulting' mascot

Washington Post columnist Colbert King says Washington football team owner Dan Snyder threatens his own legacy by clinging on to an offensive mascot:
I believe that Snyder feels he has a tradition to uphold. The Redskins came to Washington from Boston, with that name, in 1937. Thousands of fans have proudly raised the name in song season after season, for decades. No offense, Snyder maintains, is intended.

But many have taken offense. “Redskin” is widely regarded as an epithet that should not be used in reference to Native Americans.

Snyder, unfortunately, is stubborn, and he clings, insensitively, to the disparaging term. That is a serious mistake. The longer he holds out, the wider and more persistent the opposition will become. And the more Snyder defends that pejorative, the more he becomes this era’s George Preston Marshall.

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