Democracy Now: Pressures grows to eliminate racist mascot

Democracy Now! on YouTube: Change the Mascot: Pressure Grows for NFL Team to Drop Redskins Name and Logo As Thousands Protest

Clyde Bellecourt, a co-founder of the American Indian Movement, discusses racist mascots in sports on Democracy Now:
CLYDE BELLECOURT: First of all, my traditional name, my spirit name given to me by the creator, is Nee-gon-we-way-we-dun, or the Thunder Before the Storm. But when I was born 77 years ago, I was not allowed—no Indian people were allowed—to have an Indian name. We couldn’t pray, sing, dance, carry on our traditional spiritual way of life.

Last night, as one of the monumental walk took place, from the heart of the Indian community in South Minneapolis, one of the largest concentrated Indian communities in America, over a thousand mostly Native people, some of them in their full regalia to show the beauty of our culture, went along with us, marched on the stadium, carrying banners that said, "The 'R' word is no different than the 'N' word." "The 'R' word is no different than the 'N' word." Little Red Sambo has to go. Little Black Sambo is gone, and now it’s time for Little Red Sambo to go.

It’s not really the names. It’s not just the names. It’s the behavior created when they get a little bit behind, you know, the Washington team or Cleveland, they start hollering "Scalp them f—in’ Twins!" "Scalp the Vikings! Massacre them!" And our children grab our arms—our nephews and nieces, our sons and daughters. "Come on, Dad. Come, Grandpa. Let’s go home. Let’s go home. Let’s get out of here." It has a tremendous psychological effect on Indian people.

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Change the Mascot: Pressure Grows for NFL Team to Drop Redskins Name and Logo as Thousands Protest (Democracy Now 11/8)

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