Steven Newcomb: Dominating nature through nuclear power

Steven Newcomb says the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan, will affect generations to come:
For generations, we, whose ancestors were given the dehumanizing label “ignorant savages,” have been told incessantly that western science is a form of higher intelligence. Yet, isn’t this the very form of "intelligence" that has brought us to the brink of the abyss? The hubris of the western oriented mind has taken the most deadly form of technology—nuclear technology—and, with a remarkable incapacity for long-range planning, while ignoring clear geological evidence, knowingly placed that lethal technology on some of the worst earthquake faults in the world.

Mind you, the model of “long-range” used by the western European style of thought is not a geological time-frame of thousands of years, even though that is the most sensible way to deal with the life-span of radiation in nuclear power plants and in spent fuel rods. Instead, a “profit-motive time-frame” was used based on corporate calculations designed to realize the greatest possible return on capital investments. In other words, a time-frame of greed ruled the day, and very likely has destroyed the future days of a tremendous amount of life on this gorgeous Earth.

For years now, I have said that the dominating society is destroying the very basis of the fabric of life because of the massive and devastating levels of chemical pollutants and other toxins that it has been dumping into the waterways of the planet, not to mention GMO’s, the Tar Sands and similar life-destroying projects, as well as other pathologies that are the result of the western mind. Unfortunately, what may have sounded like hyperbole on my part is being borne out by some 300 tons of radioactive water per day pouring into the Pacific Ocean, and by the two nuclear reactor cores that TEPCO is unable to even locate, let alone clean up!

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