Terry Rambler: Tribe unfairly blamed for homeless population (August 28, 2013)

Terry Rambler, the chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe of Arizona, responds to allegations about homeless population.

Mescalero Apache Nation names Sandra Platero as president (August 28, 2013)

The Mescalero Apache Nation of New Mexico has named Sandra Platero as president.

Opinion: Agua Caliente Band sparks costly water rights fight (August 28, 2013)

Richard Atwater, the executive director of the Southern California Water Committee, criticizes Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians for filing water rights lawsuit.

Death of six-year-old boy on reserve treated as a homicide (August 28, 2013)

A six-year-old boy who was fatally injured on the Kahkewistahaw First Nation in Saskatchewan is being laid to rest on Friday.

California Tribal Business Alliance down to just two members (August 28, 2013)

The California Tribal Business Alliance, a group that has exerted significant political power in recent years, is down to just two members.

Nooksack Tribe barred from mass disenrollment proceedings (August 28, 2013)

The Nooksack Tribe of Washington has been barred from moving forward with disenrollment proceedings against nearly 300 people.

Vice: Native women trafficked across the US-Canada border (August 28, 2013)

Vice reports on the trafficking of Native women across the U.S-Canada border.

Native Sun News: Landowners hit for pollution at Bear Butte (August 28, 2013)

Late last week Sean Clark and Devorah Lopez, owners of the Glencoe Camp Resort located just south of the sacred site Bear Butte near Sturgis were indicted by a federal grand jury.

John Kane: Still living as Indians -- Alive and well in America (August 28, 2013)

John Kane reflects on good Indians and bad Indians.

NPR: San Carlos Apache Tribe sends elite crew to battle blaze (August 28, 2013)

Members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe of Arizona are fighting a fire at Yosemite National Park in California.

Western Sky Employees: Fighting for our voices to be heard (August 28, 2013)

This letter is in regards to our employment with Western Sky. We've come together, of our own free will and accord, to voice our concerns and reaffirm our rights as tribal members

New EPA leader visits controversial Pebble Mine site in Alaska (August 28, 2013)

Gina McCarthy, the new leader of the Environmental Protection Agency, visited the site of the controversial Pebble Mine in Alaska on Tuesday.

Doug George-Kanentiio: Tribute to the legendary Willie Dunn (August 28, 2013)

Every composer or performer makes a choice as to the style and type of music by which they will be defined. For aboriginal artists it can be a difficult one as they balance culture and commercialism.

Suzette Brewer: Indian babies being taken to South Carolina (August 28, 2013)

Suzette Brewer reports on another case of an Indian child being adopted in South Carolina under questionable circumstances.

Steven Newcomb: Liberating indigenous nations and peoples (August 28, 2013)

Steven Newcomb on the battle to liberate indigenous people from colonialism.

Ex-staffers charged for theft from Alaska Inter-Tribal Council (August 28, 2013)

Two top former staffers of the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council have been indicted for theft in federal court.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to visit Alaska Native village (August 28, 2013)

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will make her first trip to Alaska this week and will meet with residents of a Native village.