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Editorial: Helping Native people means changing racist mascot

Washington Post says the creation of the Original Americans Foundation won't do anything to change the offensive nature of the Washington professional football team's name:
[N]o matter how much Mr. Snyder’s foundation accomplishes, it cannot make his team’s name any less offensive — or negate the need to change it.

We take Mr. Snyder at his word that he doesn’t see the name as a slur. It has a storied tradition, polls show it retains many supporters, it is not intended to wound. None of that changes this fact: You would not, by any means, call an Original American a “Redskin” to his or her face. Why not? Because it is a slur — a hurtful, demeaning label. Language changes over time. The respectful response is to acknowledge that and move on.

Indeed, if Mr. Snyder has been really “listening and learning,” as his letter stated, he will realize the only way to end the controversy about his team’s unacceptable name is to change it.

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Editorial: Charity won’t keep the Redskins’ name from being offensive (The Washington Post 3/26)

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